About I Am Truth


I Am Truth was founded by Jez Tinkler in 2019, after two years of research and development. Having experienced the benefits of CBD first hand, Jez and his team are dedicated to helping other people experience its advantages.

In 2020, I Am Truth, under went a huge transformation and tailored it's products to the athletes in the sports industry. After months of research and working with over 100 athletes from all different sports, we found that our CBD and hemp based products had huge positive effects on athletes recovery times. 

This led to I Am Truth becoming one of the only sports recovery companies in the UK to specialise in using CBD & Hemp based products.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional, personalised service to each and every customer. Our products are designed with YOU in mind and rest assured that we will only provide you with the best possible products at the best possible prices.

A little message from the Founder:

“I stumbled across CBD and found that it really helped me, without having any side effects – now I’m dedicated to spreading the word and helping as many people as possible.”

Jez Tinkler.

Our CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant using CO2, and diluted with hemp oil in various strengths. Take a look at our Certificate of analysis to see the details of our CBD oil.