Train Harder, Recover Faster

CBD products have been a hot topic for some time now and with sporting bodies lifting the ban of certain products within the market, the effects CBD products can have on elite athletes is under a lot of investigation.

One of the main research topics is the natural pain killing and anti inflammatory properties of hemp based products, including those that contain CBD. As you can see, its quite obvious why athletes and fitness enthusiasts are keen to find out more about this powerful natural alternative.

Check out what one of our ambassadors James Botting has to say when first trying our 5% CBD Oil after suffer a running injury.

"So this week I set out to really put it through its paces and decided to see how i would do on an outdoor run. I had no goal distance in mind, but knew that over a month ago 5k would really hurt and 2 weeks prior to taking CBD oil I ran 5k for 5 days, although possible it was not without its aches and pains. Before injury I was training 6x a week, in the gym for 3 days and 3 days cardio, averaging 50km per month. 

This week I have trained 6x and covered off a distance of 60km in just 7 days!!! 6 of which were running!!!! I have some muscle soreness which is to be expected but this has been near to no existent. My joint pain has completely gone and i'm still sleeping great too."

CBD's chemical make up makes it one of the most powerful supplements in the industry. Research has shown that athletes who use CBD and hemp based products, tend to train for longer as well as recover quicker, making DOMS not so much of an issue. 

Always remember that results using CBD products can vary and should be used along side a healthy balanced diet. 

CBD and Hemp based products are going to play a massive part in the sports industry within the next 12 months and this is why it is important to use reputable brands, who are open about what is in their products. I Am Truth prides itself for its quality and consistency in the market, making our products stand out from the rest. We are happy to provide our lab reports for all our products you need only ask.