Our Newest Products

Yes that's right our new products are finally here!!!!

We here at I Am Truth are very proud to announce the release of 2 new products in the form of a brand new specially formulated hemp based Joint Balm and a *Clinically Proven skin cream.

Joint Balm

A Hemp based balm designed to be applied to the joints and small areas to ease any aching or pains you may have. Great for old injuries or wear and tear due to age and prolonged strain. 

Comes in a 25ml tin and is easy to apply. The balm is quite tough and thick allowing it to be spread easily and go further. 

Clinical Cream

One of the only clinically proven CBD based creams in the UK. Proven to REPAIR, RESTORE & SOOTHE the skin. This product is light and doesn't leave your skin feeling wet or clammy. In a 50ml bottle the cream goes a long way as it spreads easily and leaves you skin feeling renewed, fresh and healthier looking.

Fantastic for an one who is looking to help bring their skin back to life and could help people with a variety of skin conditions.

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