We always hear this to older people! Wonder why? Because they already know how it feels to not take care of one’s health. But you know I don’t believe that we can only here these phrase from them coz’ nowadays younger generations already know the value of health and they are now promoting a healthy way of living while they are still young like the gym enthusiasts, runners, gymnasts, swimmers and many more.

They know that PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE! And I am fascinated how they are maintaining the balance in their lives with work, career, family and healthy lifestyle which consists of a lot of activities like going to the gym, attending yoga classes, heading to a football field and many among the others.

They have dedicated generous hours to fulfill their activities on a daily basis, organizing time and schedule to fulfill all the roles they need to perform everyday but we all know that managing all these things altogether are not as easy as 1,2,3 and they’re doing all their best to be in there.

That is why we would love to be of help and to be their partner in their journey! We wanted to help manage their tasks and lives easier everyday and so I AM TRUTH was born! We are born for YOU! Yes, for YOU!

I Am Truth was founded by Jez Tinkler in 2019, after two years of research and development. Having experienced the benefits of CBD first hand, Jez and his team are dedicated to helping other people experience its advantages.

This led to I Am Truth becoming one of the only sports recovery companies in the UK to specialise in using CBD & Hemp based products.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional, personalised service to each and every customer. Our products are designed with YOU in mind and rest assured that we will only provide you with the best possible products at the best possible prices.

I guess you’re now interested to know more about what I AM TRUTH is all about.

Come and visit our website page for a healthier you coz I AM TRUTH LOVES YOU!

See you!